❝ Just a small town girl… ❞
Made up of halftones and chai latte. I’m pretty much Spider Noir. A design detective on the case to find missing personalities for brands all over.
Greetings! I (Crista Leonard) am a graphic designer based in Georgia who specializes in logo, identity, and web design. I believe that being professional doesn’t have to be sterile or boring. It's time to put some fun back into designs. I craft spirited visual languages that tell a brand's unique story that are sure to catch your ideal audiences' eyes.
I'm quite skilled in several services including (but not limited to):
+ bespoke brand identity
+ packaging design
+ merchandise design
+ social media templates
+ web design & development
+ ...and more!
Consider working with me on your next project. Fill out the form below to get your inquiry started. I'll be sure to respond back with 2-3 business days.
Much obliged! Have a wonderful day.
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